Cryptochrome is ultimate community liquidity mining and staking platform.
A place to earn crypto rewards .

  • A) Liquidity Mining :- Participants simply need to provide liquidity to CHM/ETH AMM Protocols ( eg. Uniswap V2 , Balancer mooniswap etc ) Currently on Uniswap V2. Users will get rewarded with newly minted CHM as rewards for providing liquidity. Pool holders also get rewarded with (0.3% Trading Fees on Uniswap V2) as there pool share .

  • B) Staking :- Participants can participate in multiple pair (CHM/ XYZ) for staking program and get rewarded with Multiple Competitive rewards.

Stake rewards can be different with different pairs and time constrain will be updated real time.

For Staking program minimum requirement can vary with time and pairs.

If you decide to remove your liquidity simply go to your account page and click on “remove liquidity ” from the pools you are providing liquidity with.

Your CHM is locked for a period of 7 to 28 days, variable depending on how much CHM is staked on the network. The higher the percentage of the network staked, the fewer the days you need to un-stake.

1. Deposit ETH and CHM into Uniswap V2
2. Receive UNI-V2 LP Tokens
3. Stake those UNI-V2 LP Tokens in any web-3 Wallet

Instant rewards — no waiting or lockup periods Payouts weekly, among the fastest in the industry.

No.We are not charge anything from participators