Our Team

Santosh Otari
Founder and CEO at CryptoChrome.

He is an aspiring entrepreneur, blockchain Enthusiast and Adviser. He is expert and provides In-depth analysis of decentralized and blockchain technology . He has 3 years of detailed experience in the field of E-commerce. He also has working experience with SNTS as professional blockchain consultant. Being a futuristic person he believes that "Blockchain and Decentration of power can make world a better place for humanity".

Pratik Chorghe
Co-founder and COO at CryptoChrome.

He is passionate for decentralized systems and blockchain. He has worked and demonstrated his skills as an operational incharge of CVC market makers. He is highly experienced and professional in Portfolio and assets management. He is fiercely determined in mission to involve everyone in the blockchain infrastructure.

Satyam Joshi
CFO at CryptoChrome.

Investor Relationship manager. He have more than 5 years of experience in Investment in the Global Markets Sales and Trading.